Today’s letter – nature lays an egg

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger –

Happy Easter, Governor.

Opponents of same-sex marriage have pointed to nature to say same-sex relationships are not natural. Well, in addition to penguins, orangutans and humans, we have observed roosters choosing to couple with same-sex partners.

Julius and Big Daddy came to Los Angeles’ A Dog’s Life rescue organization last year as a couple, and continued to eschew “normative chicken social conventions” by choosing each other as companions.

Their temporary caretakers were able to find them a permanent home in Alabama where they will be able to continue to enjoy each other’s company through the rest of their days.

In the human world, we take companionship to a higher level through marriage, a mutual legal and social framework that ties two people together. Nature doesn’t discriminate between same-sex and heterosexual couples, and I wish you would not either. Stop meddling with nature and let same-sex couples choose marriage like everybody else.



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