Today’s letter – an example of sex out of wedlock

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger –

As a parent I was disgusted with the latest CDC study that revealed that one in four teenage girls are infected with at least one sexually transmitted disease.

It seems strange that the more obsessed we are with blocking gay marriage, the more teenagers are having sex out of wedlock. Maybe it is time for a change of course?

I wish you would advocate marriage as a way to encourage monogamy, instead of using it as a weapon to punish California’s lesbian and gay citizens for wanting to make the commitment of marriage.

You don’t protect our children by “protecting marriage.” You protect them by giving their parents the tools they need to be good parents. Please give us the freedom to marry.



One Response to “Today’s letter – an example of sex out of wedlock”

  1. honesty556 Says:

    I would agree. People focus on the wrong thing. Look at the show 16 and pregnant and teen mom. They glorify being a teen mom. From Sarah Palin daughter to Britney Spears sister. Gay marriage is two adults committing to be together. I see nothing wrong with that. The funny things people who are so against it do not even respect their marriage. Such as Arnold and is love child. Talk about a hypocrite.

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