Today’s letter – LA is losing your mail

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger [via Sacramento Office] –

I have written several letters asking you to sign AB 43, the “Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act.” I don’t expect a reply to every letter I write, but the pattern I see is very disturbing.

When I send them to your Sacramento office, I receive a reply within a week.

When I send them to your Los Angeles office, I never receive any acknowledgment.

The Los Angeles office told me verbally that their operating procedure is to read and forward all letters to the appropriate individual in Sacramento so they can be treated expediently, but apparently something is broken. I haven’t received a single response since July 12 through the Spring Street route.

I would hope that these letters are being lost because of something procedural rather than something having to do with the content of the letters themselves. Either way, some reassurance that you are listening to your constituents would be welcome.


Attachments: three “lost letters” from July 20, 25 & 26


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